Your Dream, Your Design – Done!


One of the things we love the most about being more than just a store but the manufacturer too, is that we can make dreams come true!  Like all of our custom items, our sash collection was created with a gorgeous array of color and style options so that each product is a unique reflection of the exclusive look a bride and her crew desires!


Sashes continue to be a hot, must-have accessory! Unfortunately, so many retailers can only offer finished products made in factories where, frankly, they are assembled with no thought of the wishes of the brides who might wear them.




Seamless damask pattern




















We’re thrilled to offer  heirloom lace, lush satin, animal prints, brocade, rhinestones, embroidery, glitter print and more – all with great pricing too! Endless possibilities from which to choose, along with our attention to design construction and detailing, will ensure no matter what the occasion, all eyes will be looking your way!   Shop the entire line here!



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