Why His and Hers Looks are a Must-Have!



Matching his and hers looks!  Hmm…well to be perfectly candid, we hear they bring a varying range of sentiments from couples.   However,  no matter the opinion, love them or not, we can guarantee that aside from your gown and his tux, no other outfit will turn heads and bring smiles and good wishes  as much as a gal and her guy showing off their happy status with a cleverly designed set of  tees or sweatshirts.  We might add, at a much lower price tag than the gown and tux too!Image2

So don’t shy away from giving his and hers style a go!   You will likely have the opportunity for a host of wardrobe changes throughout your newlywed days.  Whether on a plane headed to your honeymoon, getting around to see the sites, or joining in on couples’ games and events which are pretty standard happenings at honeymoon destinations, a cute couples look is sure to bring  added attention to your celebration! 



We know what you might be thinking ladies, “He’ll never go for it!”  While grooms and hubbies don’t always take the lead diving into matching looks, don’t worry!  Experience tells us that even those guys who drag their feet a bit can usually be nudged to get into the spirit of things, even if it’s just for a special photo op or two.


Back home, it’s a super fun way to announce your exciting wedded status as you tool around town resuming your day-to-day routine as the new Mr. and Mrs.!  Honeymoon or back home, don’t be surprised if added perks such as complimentary drinks or special service comes your way – in fact, you can pretty much bank on it.





In the gift department, they make for a terrific shower surprise, especially if the occasion is ‘his and hers’ or ‘guys and gals’ themed!   Even better, go on a bridesmaids’ covert op and tuck a set of these tees into a suitcase just
before the couple departs for their honeymoon!



So make the most of your newlywed status or even a special anniversary with a his and hers look sure to add to your celebration!   See them all here at Advantage Bridal.

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