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Wedding Shoe Options for Taller Brides

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

What’s it like to be a tall woman? Well, you can reach the top of the fridge. Your legs look great in just about everything. And if you gain five pounds over the holidays, it’s not even noticeable on your graceful frame. But it can bring some awkward dilemmas in the wardrobe department, especially when you’ve fallen in love with a man whose stature is close to your own. While shopping for The Big Day, you’ve surely thought about wedding shoes. You may have given thought to the design, but knowing what type of heel you are looking for should be your first objective in shoe shopping.

Source: Leacocks Blog

If you are only looking to add a minimal amount of height you can opt for kitten heel shoes, which usually max out at an inch and a half in heel height. Kitten heels were known as young girls’ “trainer heels” in the 1950s until they were popularized by the lovely style icon Audrey Hepburn. Known for their modest height but sexy heel shape, they are an excellent choice for the bride who doesn’t want to tower over her groom yet still wants just a bit of an upgrade over flats.

Peep Toe Kitten Heels

Brides who want to remain more grounded in their wedding attire can select flats and skimmers. Some of each season’s most fashionable and attractive shoes are flats. Ballet shoes are a popular style which complement vintage or romantic themes. It’s a given that all women love flats for their comfort and ease of wear—not only are they free of pinches and pains, but they also allow brides to enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Flats are perfect for girls who want to get their groove on! They are also the perfect option for outdoor weddings, where the terrain can be rocky or grassy. Tall brides can choose from a range of styles now that flats have become fashionable with wearers of all heights.

Duchess Satin Ballet Flats

As a bride who measures on the tall side, it’s important to remember that your height is a part of your physical beauty. Like you’ve probably heard before, stand up straight! You can’t hide your height but you can definitely rock it like a supermodel. Did Nicole Kidman ever look BAD on Tom Cruise’s arm despite their four inch difference in height? Do you ever see Katie Holmes slouching next to him? These girls know they are gorgeous on their own and that standing next to a guy who is slightly shorter does not detract from their beauty. Embrace your sexy frame and find that pair of bridal shoes which allows you to feel confident and regal–any difference of inches will go unnoticed when your guests see you smiling radiantly like the goddess you are.