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Stunning Details: Luxurious Lace

Friday, January 21st, 2011
Lace Wedding Gown

Lace Bridal Gown

Lace is making a comeback in the wedding community, from stunning lace bridal gowns and lace embellishments to elaborate lace wedding accessories. Lace wedding gowns are no longer considered outdated, but rather exude opulent luxury. Wear a beautiful lace veil to complete the look.

While choosing a lace wedding dress can be a difficult challenge, it helps to know what type of lace is most flattering on you. With strong European influences and centuries old pattern designs, lace has been revived through technological advancements and market development. Lace wedding gowns look gorgeous in day or evening weddings, indoor or outdoor weddings and, of course, seasonal or traditional weddings. Lace is also the perfect choice for vintage weddings. Search lace samples for inspiration and to find what kind of lace best suits you.

Different Types of Lace

Re-embroidered Alencon: One of the most popular types of lace for weddings and also one of the most expensive. Re-embroidered Alencon lace is embroidered Chantilly lace. It is a heavy-duty type of lace; capable of handling large quantities of crystal, glass and beaded embellishments.

Chantilly: Features flowers and ribbons on plain netting or organza. Chantilly is the most inexpensive type of lace made.

Duchesse: Belgian lace made in Brussels and named after Marie-Henriette, Duchess of Brabant. She was also later queen of the Belgians. Duchesse is a bobbin lace motif

Guipure: Needlepoint lace made with a heavy buttonhole machine stitch. The motif pattern layout is on a coarse mesh net. Guipure is a French bobbin lace.

Ribbon: A cord of ribbon is used to draw and tie together two opposite edges at random over netting or mesh.

Schiffli: This lace is a type of embroidery made by modern machines, but evolved from a hand version.

Spanish: Venetian needlepoint lace. The Spaniards imported this lace from Italy in the 1700’s. Designed with flat roses on a mesh background.

Venetian: Otherwise known as Venetian needlepoint lace. The motif is a combination of acute-angled points, individually worked separately and linked together by a narrow band, or “footing” stitched with buttonholing.

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