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Celebrity Bride DeAnna Pappas Joins Weddzilla Bloggers

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Celebrity Bride-to-be DeAnna Pappas

If you’re a fan of reality TV or “The Bachelor,” then you remember DeAnna Pappas from the 2007 season. The following year, DeAnna Pappas appeared as “The Bachelorette.” The celebrity bride-to-be is now happily engaged with plans to marry  in an Octobor 2011 fall wedding. Look for wedding blogs from the celebrity bride as she joins Weddzilla. Deanna Pappas currently co-hosts the Lifetime television show “Get Married.”

Talk about a reunion: DeAnna Pappas and best friend Holly Durst (a former Bachelor contestant) are engaged to twin brothers – Stephen and Michael Stagliano, respectively. DeAnna became an instant fan favorite on “The Bachelor” and has since made numerous TV appearances and landed on magazine covers. Her blog is going live tomorrow, if you’re interested in following her during the wedding planning process.

Here’s a tidbit from an interview with Weddzilla:

Weddzilla: Describe your wedding vision and your personal style as a bride. For example, do you see yourself as a classic bride, a romantic bride, a non-traditional bride, or a combination of several other elements?

DeAnna Pappas: My wedding vision is very southern but chic. I see it as a rustic but elegant ceremony and reception. My personal style as a bride seems to be very traditional, but with a combination of other elements. I am not giving myself any rules to stick to. If I like something and I believe it fits the theme of our southern wedding, it’s in there!! I definitely want some traditional moments in the wedding though, like the father/daughter dance, my father walking me down the aisle, as well as not seeing Stephen on our wedding day until I walk down the aisle. We are adding our own personal twist by adding some Greek traditions to our ceremony and reception because I am very proud of my Greek heritage.

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