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Celebrity Inspired Wedding Ideas. . .

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Princess Grace Kelly

So maybe you don’t make millions each year, but you can still plan a celebrity inspired wedding by following their lead.

We all want to throw our dream wedding and give guests something they’ll remember for a long time. But don’t feel obligated to go over budget just so you can have bragging rights with your sister. . .

Stars hire some of the best celebrity wedding planners in the business – they are ahead of the trends, leave no detail untouched and personalize weddings based on each couple.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a lavish affair just like the stars:

  1. Thoughtful Favors: Think beyond favors that match your colors or coordinate with your theme, and consider giving guests something unique they can cherish. Whether it’s a cultural, environmental or personal token, put some thought into your wedding favors like celebs do. Even if you can’t send guests home with gift baskets, you can give unique favors that represent you and your hubby.
  2. Rustic Touches: More celebrities are incorporating rustic, natural elements into their wedding decor. Cut floral centerpieces are being replaced by branches, moss, succulents, potted herbs and plants. Outdoor weddings on ranches or wineries are popular with celebs and make beautiful backdrops. The contrast of rustic and romantic play beautifully in photographs.
  3. Bridal Veils: Birdcage veils and feather fascinators took center stage the past few seasons, but veils are making a comeback in a big way. No longer are they thought to be only a traditional bridal accessory. With so many styles and lengths, there is a veil for every type of bride. And wearing it at the reception is OK, too.
  4. First Dance: Strut your stuff with your new hubby and wow guests with your first dance. Thanks to popular TV shows (such as Dancing With the Stars) celebs are thinking big when they hit the dance floor. Get rid of your two left feet and take dance classes to master your first dance – the waltz, fox trot, rumba or jive.
  5. Groom Cake: Celebrity brides are letting the grooms share some of the fun. Groom cakes are gaining popularity with celebs, as well as “man food” menu choices. It’s no longer all about the bride. . .

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