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Planning A Butterfly Wedding

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Butterfly Wedding Inspiration

Are you enamored by butterflies in flight or gently landing on a flower? Their incredible shape, design and colors make each one unique and and a source of inspiration when planning a butterfly wedding or themed wedding. Advantage Bridal offers a vast selection of butterfly wedding accessories and butterfly wedding decorations to incorporate into your special day.

Releasing butterflies into the sky at a wedding symbolizes a new beginning, like when the butterfly transforms into a stunning, delicate creature. The bride and groom embark on a new chapter through their wedding vows, their journey takes wings and off they go. Butterflies are also viewed as very delicate, fragile creatures to be handled with care….similar to new love and new relationships.

What could be more delightful than a butterfly wedding? A butterfly release can be a wonderful and meaningful part of your wedding day. Rather than subject some guests to the disappointment of receiving a butterfly that cannot fly, we suggest couples do a single release of several dozen butterflies all at once.

The distinctive designs on various butterfly species are a great starting point when planning your wedding color palette because while some boast vivid wings, others reveal softer, romantic hues. Advantage Bridal offers the latest in butterfly favors, butterfly wedding accessories, butterfly decorations….everything butterfly at the click of a mouse! We have butterfly cameras, butterfly wedding shoes, and butterfly wedding collection.

Don’t miss our Girl Two Doors Down butterfly flip flops (flat or platform) for your bridesmaid gifts. For your butterfly theme wedding, check out these great finds! We carry beautiful butterfly bridal jewelry, such as brooches, shoe clips, hair clips, bridal tiaras and butterfly hair pins. Our fabulous selection also includes butterfly wedding invitations, butterfly place card holders, butterfly ring bearer pillows, butterfly guest books, butterfly unity candle sets, butterfly bridal garters and so much more! Whether you are looking to incorporate the butterfly subtly, like with a flower girl basket, or to go all out with a full-on butterfly wedding, Advantage Bridal should be your only stop.

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