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Shoe Clips: Add Instant Glam With Shoe Jewelry

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

Shoe Jewelry

Pearl & Rhinestone Shoe Clips $17.95


Marilyn nailed it on this one. How do shoes make us women so confident in our walk? Shoes can change a woman from girl-next-door to sexy vixen.

Brides, too, want to achieve the balance between sweet and sultry. A little surprise under the dress – the perfect pair of panties, bridal shoes and sexy garter – will make your man want head to the honeymoon suite before the reception is over.

So if you can’t afford couture wedding shoes or designer bridal shoes, or you’re looking to dress up your heels, shoe jewelry adds that extra sparkle to a simple pair of footwear.

Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to dazzling bridal shoe clips adorned with rhinestones or pearls and in various shapes, like bows, butterflies, buckles, buttons, hearts and brooches.

But shoe clips aren’t just for brides. Dress up bridesmaid shoes with accessories that won’t break the bank. Add a unique touch to high heels for special occasions. Give the perfect gift to your shoe-adoring girlfriend.

Shoe jewelry gives you the glamorous look for less and allows you to customize your bridal shoes. If the bridesmaids are wearing different heels down the aisle in the same color, unite the theme with rhinestone shoe clips.

These shoe accessories make great bridesmaid gifts and can also be attached to a clutch or purse. Read this article by Bridal Banter for ways to accessorize a simple wedding dress.

Shoe jewelry adds instant glam . . .

Rhinestone Shoe Jewelery

Butterfly Heel Accessories $21.95

Rhinestone Bow Clips $22.50

Flower Shoe Accessories

Floral Shoe Accessories $19.95

Rhinestone Shoe Buttons $24.95




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Are You A Shoeaholic?

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Arbie Goodfellow Couture: Fluer

Shoeaholics, be warned: Shopping for bridal shoes could rekindle your obsession! Just check out this guest blogger post at Martha Stewart Weddings, in addition to these black and white Chanel heels at Merci New York.

Shopping for wedding shoes is almost as fun as choosing your wedding dress. The right shoes will look fantastic with your gown and in pictures.

While style is key, comfort shouldn’t be overlooked.

From the time you slip into your gown until your last dance, you’ll be on your feet more hours than you may realize.

Choosing the right pair:

  • The style of your wedding shoes should complement your gown. You don’t want them to clash with or overpower your bridal ensemble.
  • Consider the venue before selecting high heels – you’ll get caught in the grass in stilettos. Wear wedge shoes or square heels, bridal flats or sandals for an outdoor venue or beach wedding.
  • Pick a heel height you’re comfortable wearing. If you don’t wear heels, practice wearing them around the house until you feel OK.
  • Break your shoes in or you could suffer later. Shoe inserts and pads help make heels more comfortable.
  • Choose a pair you love! If you love stilettos, get them and then have a backup pair of flats for the reception.

Selecting color:

  • Traditional brides lean toward ivory or white heels to match their gown.
  • Modern brides opt for bold colors, statement heels or designer shoes they can wear after the wedding.
  • Keep in mind; colors vary so view it in the correct lighting.
  • Dyeable shoes are a great choice for custom colors. Make sure fabric samples are at least 2” x 2” for the best match.
  • For Dyeables, ask about the cast of the color and examine the shoe in a light box. Achieving an exact match might be difficult, so pick a complementary color instead.

Save or splurge:

  • There are plenty of options for bridal shoes under $100 or wedding shoes under $50 on the market, but don’t forget comfort.
  • Affordable shoes are fine since you’ll only wear them once. You can also find a pair you’ll wear again that don’t say “bride.”
  • Shop designer and couture bridal shoes if it’s time to splurge. You’ll be amazed at the details, quality and unique styles available.

If you had more fun shopping for shoes than you did shopping for your dress, send pics of your fabulous footwear to Advantage Bridal so we can see why! Confessions of a shoeaholic will be kept anonymous :)

Arbie Goodfellow Bridal Shoes: Swan

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Paradox London Bridal Shoes: Electra

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