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Bridal Bouquet: To Toss or To Preserve?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

If you’re up in the air about whether to toss your bridal bouquet or preserve your wedding keepsake, there are some things to keep in mind. This long-standing wedding tradition has evolved over time – in fact, brides used to toss the garter. The bridal bouquet toss honors wedding tradition, entertains guests and makes an amusing photograph. But like the gorgeous centerpieces that are often given to family and friends by day’s end, your cherished bridal bouquet can become another woman’s token. You can have a smaller bouquet or another bridal keepsake to throw for this Kodak moment; similar to the toss garter, which allows a bride to keep hers for years to come.

Bouquet Toss

Bouquet Toss

For do-it-yourself brides, there are ways to preserve your bridal bouquet at home. Remember hanging beloved flower bouquets upside down in a dark closet for weeks? You can remove moisture with drying agents, such as sand, silica gel or borax, to preserve your own bouquet. Or, you can press flowers and make an arrangement. But paying extra to have your bouquet professionally preserved guarantees a beautiful, lasting result and offers several display options. Bouquet preservation is a laborious process that includes the freeze-dried method or pressing flowers to create a unique wedding keepsake. Keep your budget in mind when choosing the bouquet design. Many bouquet preservation companies offer the following options for your bridal flowers:  shadowboxes, oval frames, pressed flowers, tabletop displays (domes and pyramids) and jewelry boxes. Floral preservation isn’t just for the bridal bouquet, however, it can also be used for wedding boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces and floral arrangements. In the end, it’s a personal choice and you will have cherished memories either way. Inquire with floral preservation companies, such as Keepsake Floral and Shanel’s Flowers and Frames, prior to deciding whether to toss or keep your bridal bouquet. Check the Internet and with local floral vendors to find a reputable bouquet preservationist. Bouquet jewelry adds sparkle to any wedding flower arrangement, so visit Advantage Bridal to see our wide selection of bridal accessories!

Bridal Bouquet Keepsake

Bridal Bouquet Keepsake

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Unique Bridal Bouquets for Every Affair

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Posy Bridal Bouquet

Did you know there are almost 20 types of bridal bouquets? Neither did we! So you need to think about the flowers and the type of bouquet you want walking down the aisle.

See the different bridal bouquets below, and decide which one will complement your ensemble:

  1. Posy
  2. Nosegay
  3. Tussy-Mussy
  4. Biedermeier
  5. Arm Sheaf/ Presentation
  6. Composite Flower
  7. Fan
  8. Crescent
  9. Muff
  10. Prayerbook/Bible Spray
  11. Shower/Cascading
  12. Pomander/Kissing Ball
  13. Wreath/Flower Hoop
  14. Wrist Bouquet/Flower Bracelet
  15. Ballerina
  16. Basket
  17. Scepter
  18. Cone

Brides once carried herbs and spices before flowers became popular thanks to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840.

In ancient times, garlic and aromatic herbs were often used to ward evil. In Greece and Rome, it was once common for the bride and groom to wear garlands around their neck to signify the start of their life together.

Thankfully, flowers took the place of garlic! With so many gorgeous varieties, brides can carry a bouquet that’s one-of-a-kind.

You can also add bouquet jewelry, rhinestone bouquet picks, wedding hankies or stem accents to make a truly unique floral creation.

Kissing Ball Bouquet


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Princess Charlene’s Bridal Style

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Her Serene Highness, Princess Charlene of Monaco

Royalty never disappoints when it comes to fashion, and Princess Charlene was no exception during her marriage to Prince Albert II of Monaco. The pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding is exciting, but seeing what the bride wears down the aisle is what we all look forward to.

Giorgio Armani Privé designed three bridal dresses for the new princess – one for the wedding and the other two for receptions.

The princess glowed in a wedding dress with a flowing line, in off-white silk duchesse, with a long train. Crossover detail on the front and back form a second “à l’andrienne” train. Ramage embroidery depicting flowers, crafted with stones in gold shades, and Swarovski crystals and mother of pearl teardrops in white and gold hues, embellish the front of the dress, the trim and the central main section of the train.

The long veil is made from off-white silk tulle, with front tier and subtle embroidery.

Princess Charlene

Unique Bridal Gown Features
2,500 hours of work
40,000 Swarovski crystals
20,000 mother of pearl teardrops
30,000 stones in gold shades
3,000 kilometres of travel for fittings in Montecarlo
700 hours of work for the embroidery
“kilometres” of embroidery thread coated in platinum
50 meters of silk duchesse
80 meters of silk organza

Veil: 20 meters of silk tulle and 100 hours of embroidery work

Monaco Royal Wedding Flowers

Princess of Monaco's Bridal Bouquet

The civil wedding bouquet
Designed and assembled by the Garden Club of Monaco.

Composed of pink protea flowers, which originate from South Africa and are the emblem of the country.

The religious wedding bouquet

Designed by Giorgio Armani and assembled by the gardeners of the Palace of Monaco.

The bouquet features freesias, dendrobium orchids and lilies of the valley in shades of white. The cascade design fits perfectly with the smooth lines of the bride’s gown and her slim silhouette.

Inspired by Princess Charlene’s favorite flower – lily of the valley, which also appears in the  floral ramage embroidery on her wedding dress.

Princess Bride

Stunning floral, crystal headpiece accentuates French chignon and veil

There are no details about her gorgeous hair accessory, but it looks stunning with her sleek bridal updo. Check out FabSugar for a slideshow of the wedding and more pics of the beautiful princess bride.

On the otherhand, Cartier created the royal couple’s wedding rings, which are made of 18 carat white gold platinum. Fairy tale weddings really do happen.

You can find affordable bridal accessories that look like the real thing. From crystal tiaras to designer wedding shoes and from cascading veils to rhinestone bridal jewelry, Advantage Bridal carries everything for the princess bride.

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The Budget Savvy Bridal Bouquet

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Single Hydrangea Bouquet by Serendipity Floral Design

Wedding flowers don’t have to break the bank. You can have a beautiful bouquet for less with a few cost saving measures. Use a single blossom for the bridesmaids and three for the bridal bouquet – accent the bride’s flowers with different ribbon or bouquet jewelry. Pick flowers that are in season or a bloom similar to the more expensive favorite. Add lots of greenery for texture and savings. Think minimal, like Kate Middleton’s modest bridal bouquet. Want to really cut wedding expenses?

Make your own arrangements using silk flowers, paper flowers or flowers from the yard. Visit local wholesale flower markets, such as the Los Angeles Flower District for an endless selection that won’t break the bank! Prepare flowers the night before or the morning of the wedding to keep the flower bouquets fresh and refrigerate them. Large blooms like the hydrangea look gorgeous and create the illusion of more than one flower. A single flower bouquet can be modern, dramatic or romantic. Shop Advantage Bridal for artificial wedding bouquets, bouquet jewelry, crystal embellishments and more ideas for your bridal bouquet.

Eco Chic Wedding Flowers: Succulents

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Photos: With this Ring, Housemartin, Martha Stewart, Allyson Magda

From modern bridal bouquets and wedding favors to stunning centerpieces and reception decor, consider succulents for your eco-chic event that is friendly on the eyes and earth! With spring here and summer fast approaching, succulents make great flower decorations for warm weather and outdoor weddings. Plus, they can be planted later for long-term enjoyment. Succulents definitely aren’t the typical fresh-cut floral bouquet and that alone can save money in the long run.

If you don’t want to do the entire wedding in succulent plants, you can pair them with roses and other flowers for beautiful contrast. The various hues of greens, grays and soft pinks provide an excellent backdrop for the bridal bouquet, but these drought-tolerant plants can also be the statement piece. Green weddings can be chic and there are plenty of modern brides who have proved that! Check out the gorgeous bridal bouquet below accented with a peacock feather. For more ideas on how to make your flowers one-of-a-kind, shop for flower picksbouquet jewelry and rhinestone stem accents at Advantage Bridal.

Photo: My Sweet and Saucy

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Dazzling Bridal Bouquet Ornaments

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Rhinestone & Crystal Bouquet Picks

An easy way to personalize a bride’s wedding bouquet is to add small details that make it truly unique. Bouquet jewelry, rhinestone and crystal picks, stem embellishments, and monogrammed ribbon do just that. For spring weddings, the following crystal accents add a whimsical touch to the flowers: butterflies, bumble bees, hearts, jewel clusters, flowers, starbursts, dragonflies, starfish, initial letters and other creative designs that will set your bouquet apart.

While pictures and magazines provide inspiration, select flowers and bridal bouquet jewelry that speak to your heart. Brides should look at their flower bunch and smile, even if only they appreciate each beautiful piece that went into the floral work of art. Besides, the wedding photographer will capture plenty of photographs of the bouquet for lasting memories.

When choosing a single flower for your bouquet, then jeweled accents really pop. We at Advantage Bridal love the look of the crystal stem accents; they come in various shapes and say “glamour.” Bouquet jewelry, flower picks and floral sprays can be made of rhinestones, crystals or pearls, as well as a combination of dazzling touches. Flower jewels in various colors are also available.

Brides can splurge a little on the wedding bouquet if they’re cutting the cost of decorative wedding flowers and centerpieces. Another option is a silk bridal bouquet, ribbon bouquet or crystal bouquet that can be stored and passed down. This eliminates the need to preserve the flowers and guarantees a unique flower bouquet.

Crystal Bouquet Stem Ornament

Crystal Bumble Bee Flower Accents

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Keeping Tradition: Myrtle Wedding Flower Bouquet

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Kate Middleton will follow royal tradition when she walks down the aisle to marry Prince William by carrying a sprig of myrtle in her bridal bouquet, according to news sources. Though the custom of the wedding flower bouquet varies in different countries, brides have long carried bridal bouquets, herb bunches, garlands or wreaths as symbolic gestures.

“In ancient Hebrew times, myrtle was a symbol of marriage. As a Victorian symbol, myrtle symbolizes fidelity and is thought to bring good luck – an emblem of everlasting love, marital bliss, and desire,” wrote Kenzy England.

Myrtle Nose Gay or Bridal Bouquet

Sprig of the fragrant myrtle flower

Kate Middleton will incorporate royal tradition dating back to the 19th century with Queen Victoria – “a sprig of myrtle from the tree that still grows today in Victoria’s personal garden at her palace by the sea, Osborne House at Isle of Wight.”  Once called the nose gay or tussie mussie, the bridal bouquet rose in popularity during Queen Victoria’s reign. In the Victorian era, it became customary for brides to save a sprig of myrtle or ivy from the bridal bouquet and plant it to be used for generations to come.

Queen Victoria planted the fragrant myrtle and all royal brides in her family, including Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana of Wales, have carried a sprig of myrtle on their wedding day. Kate Middleton will embrace the royal wedding tradition with her bridal bouquet. Sources say she will also place her nose gay on the Unknown Warrior’s grave in Westminster Abbey, just as Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana did.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert Royal Wedding

The myrtle flower consists of about two species native to areas of North Africa and southern Europe. The myrtle flower grows from a small tree or shrub that sprouts shiny, whole leaves and mostly white blossoms. The flowers themselves are generally small and contain five sepals and petals, as well as several stamens. Myrtle is most known for its place in mythology and though it has many uses, myrtle is often used in flower bouquets or nose gays.

The royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is set for April 29.

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