Spring Wedding Brides! Timeless and Trending!


Spring Bride Bling!

Nearly a week into the spring wedding season our brides tell us they are busy as bees putting on final touches and looking for anything they may have missed right down to the tiniest detail!  

 Rest assured spring brides, it is likely that you have chosen well and your special day will be a lovely reflection of how carefully
you thought of every last touch!

Decades of wedding history have shown that there are many spring wedding elements brides love to include that are simply iconic and timeless and will always reflect good taste and a sense of style.
Think gorgeous flowers and floral accents, butterflies, sheer and airy fabrics.  


Unity candle ceremonies continue to lead the list of cherished traditions! This garden floral motif is simply gorgeous!


Butterflies in everything from favor boxes to accessories, cake toppers and more are the epitome of spring!




Sparkling butterfly accent and something blue too!

If you caught any of the best looks from Fashion Week Spring 2016,  the timeless yet trendy theme was never more evident as designers included gorgeous illusion veiling, scattered flowers and an unexpected return of feathers to bridal couture,  yes, feathers!  Even if you long ago found your gown, and it’s aisle ready, there are other ways to add a hot designer trend or two!
Think headpiece, veil or comb!  


Image4Image7Image5Surely, your bridal party attire will be a lovely ode to spring as your gals head down the asile but don’t forget those pre-ceremony looks too!   Getting-ready and spa day photos can look even more seasonal with coordinated silky satin robes, embellished with embroidery or rhinestones, not to mention, these beauties are a keepsake everyone would be thrilled to receive!  




And, last but not least!  


A bit of lighthearted humor can be found in another spring occurrence brought on by mother nature!  Ranging  from a gentle shower to a torrential downpour, seasonal weather is also an great opportunity to put a positive and happy spin on what might otherwise cast a shadow on the day!  Make light of the rain and even symbolize that it does indeed bring good luck to the marriage as the couple can easily “weather” any storm!  

Think whimsical  in decorations like cake toppers, favors such as mini galoshes to practical accommodations for guests such as extra umbrellas and stands and even toss-away shoe covers to keep guests dry and clean.  

Take care of all of your last minute spring brides needs here at Advantage Bridal!   Not sure how to find your perfect last-minute touch?   Feel free to call one of our bridal specialists so that we can help you locate those must-haves
for the spring wedding of your dreams!  



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