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Turn Heads with Sizzling Hot Bikini and Bling Tank Looks!

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Our custom lace and rhinestone bikinis and tees are a sizzling hot look for any beach or pool deck.   Create your own one-of-a-kind honeymoon or vacation design that will have all heads turning in your direction!  

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Track Suits are Still in Fashion and They’ve Gotten Even Better!

Friday, August 15th, 2014

From Bethenny to Brittany, Jessica to Jennifer and even Jay Z and P Diddy, the tracksuit remains a comfy,  fashion go-to look for tooling around town or even jet-setting across the globe.

Velour sweats, known for their soft, supple, figure-hugging look, have long been a must-have  favorite adored by both celebrities and fashionistas alike!  Add sparkling rhinestone wording or custom embroidery to the jacket or across the derrière and heads are bound to turn no matter where your travels take you!

Even though that iconic velour tracksuit designer closed its U.S. doors in June, never fear, a fabulous selection of velour sweat suit bling is right here!”   We have long been thrilled to offer classy yet casual velour looks for our brides and their teams and other discriminating guys and gals who desire a high-quality product!   


advantagebridal_2322_760115867 advantagebridal_2322_971418877



















Great solo or as awesome his and hers outfits, have fun with our gorgeous array of rhinestone colors, embroidery thread and fonts and create a one-of-a-kind, exquisite look to call your own right here!

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Why Choose a Special “Getting Ready” Look?

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Amid all of  the frenzy of wedding planning,  the difficult choices and challenging concerns, what gals will wear as their “getting ready” ensemble is one of the more fun decisions to make!    

Whatever you choose,  slipping into this garment will cause your heart to beat a little more quickly reflecting that it is the last thing you will wear before stepping into your dream gown to walk down the aisle!

Although treasured, most bridal gowns are relegated to a closet or given to charity, so selecting a look that you can keep in service after the big day is not only practical, but will bring a knowing smile of magical memories each time it is worn.   You will always recall where you were and how excited and happy you were feeling!

Oversize shirts have been hugely popular because, for starters,  they look casual and classy at the same time!   In addition to avoiding hair and make-up mishaps while getting dressed, they are fabulous for group photos and with skinny jeans and leggings back on the fashion radar, they are the perfect way to top off those bottoms!   Many of our gals have also found them fun to wear as a beach cover-up and even a comfy nightshirt.  

Last but not least, your team will love your thoughtfulness  in selecting something that  they, too, can wear again and again revisiting the cherished memories all of you share!    oxford getting ready shirtp oxford getting ready shirtj oxford getting ready shirte oxford getting ready shirt6 oxford getting ready shirt5 il_570xN.629015164_jagd   advantagebridal_2326_671834222 advantagebridal_2321_208693519 advantagebridal_2320_391884262

There are no limits to the fabulous looks you can create

with an array of fabrics, embroidery

and rhinestone options!  See them all here!



Why “Bling” Might Just Be A Natural Thing!

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Do you find yourself gazing at brilliant stars in the night sky, shimmering holiday twinkle lights or glistening silver and gold ornaments on a tree?  Is your eye drawn to dazzling diamond rings and stunning cut glass chandeliers?     Does your guy love spending an afternoon washing his vintage car or motorcycle and checking his reflection in the newly polished chrome?  Why do sparkling things give us such pleasure?  

It seems scientists have shared research which proposes that sparkle itself has long been the object of human desire for its potential to represent something of need, like a running stream with water that is safe to drink.  

Whether or not we believe that our love of bling is wired in our DNA, it’s hard to deny the attraction!   A bit of sparkle always seems to bring a bright spot to our day!  Here are a few of our latest designs that we hope will brighten yours! 

Satin Robe Satin Bride Robe
Satin Bridal Robe Satin and Rhinestone Robe Mrs Satin Robe (2) jumbo monogrammed robe - Copy Soon to Be Satin Robe



See all of our spectacular sparklers here at Advantage Bridal! 

His and Hers Newlywed Looks

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Folks love newlyweds!  Whether you find yourselves at an exotic honeymoon destination or around the corner at a hometown grocery store, there are bound to be people who will joyously beam at and often celebrate a new bride and groom in their midst!

Your new status as husband and wife will not only bring congratulations but inspire others to perhaps reminisce about their own happy wedding memories or even rekindle an old love!    So share your newlywed bliss wherever your travels take you and don’t be surprised at how much joy you both bring to others simply because they know you said “I Do.”   

Here are a few popular ways our brides and grooms are getting the word out!   See them all here at Advantage Bridal!  


Mr and Mrs Shirt 1

Mr and Mrs Shirt 2



Mr and Mrs Shirt 3


mr and mrs shirt 4



mrs shirt



mr shirt


Mr and Mrs Shirt




Why A Great Tote is as Essential as Your Favorite Designer Purse!

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

A tote is one of the most well-used accessories in many a gal’s wardrobe today!  Often different in design and function, yet just as essential as your go-to purse,  a well-made, attractive tote is quite literally a must-have for today’s fashionista on the go! 

The world of style has recognized the importance of this carry-all as more than just  a trend and has met the demand with gorgeous colors and designs to express your personal style and creative yet useful features!

To be fully functional, a tote must be constructed to withstand daily loading and unloading of what is often quite a bit of personal essentials!  A durable tote is in all its glory when it is filled to the very brim!  The ideal design is one in which all items can be easily accessed in a roomy compartment through a generous, yet secure opening at the top of the bag. A good tote requires little to no cleaning to maintain a fresh, attractive appearance.

So grab your folding umbrella, change of shoes, jacket, notebooks, water bottle and even an evening look to take you from the office to a night out!  Fill one of our many,  custom-made totes that are the ultimate in carryalls for the discriminating tote shopper!  

With so many custom colors, patterns and design options, our totes make fabulous one-of-a-kind gifts for anyone or any occasion!    We’ve shared just a taste below from our extensive collection for your browsing pleasure!  

Understated and elegant, this single monogram look with rhinestone accents is a favorite!

Aloha!  This monogrammed reversible hibiscus flower tote will have you thinking “tropical” in no time!

Wherever this carryall goes, the biggest, brightest bling on this custom sparkler will have
everyone celebrating your happiest news!  

Your entourage will love their own bling to tote their essentials around town!    Customize with any title! 

Our quilted tote is a long-time favorite!   So many design options to make this one they’ll love!



This utterly elegant monogram style is one that will bring Ooooos and Ahhhhhs!


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the gal sporting this fun tote will have everyone asking
“Where can I get mine?”

The brightest, most brilliant rhinestones available make these monogrammed totes superstars!

The Circle Monogram is a timeless classic and we’ve updated
the look 
with gorgeous embroidery and tote color options!  

This damask look has gotten a total, trendy makeover with
hot color combinations and striking embroidered accents!  

Who can resist taking a walk on the wild side?
This tote  just roars ” fabulous”
with every splash of embroidery color in any font you choose!   

Shop our entire line here and start creating the custom tote of your dreams or the absolutely perfect gift for that special gal,
Mom, Grandmom, teacher, work pal or
your entire crew of BFFs!


Prom Garters! The Must-Have Accessory!

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The history of the wedding garter which dates back for centuries is fairly common knowledge for most brides these days and having endured the test of time, remains a very popular bridal accessory and focus for a familiar reception ritual.  Even if a bride chooses not to have a garter removed in front of an audience of enthusiastic well-wishers, most love this alluring piece of antiquity worn discretely under a gown for their groom to discover after the festivities have died down.

In as much the pomp and circumstance of weddings, the spectacle of a gorgeous gown and sparkling jewelry are the fairy tale dreams of so many young gals, it is no surprise to see that some bridal traditions have found their way to other special occasions that are very much romanticized as rites-of-passage by young women today.    

That is why we continue to see the trend of prom grandeur simply exploding!  This time of year, even before a gal knows who will escort her to this fabulous affair, the venue, gown and accessories are very much a focus of relentless searching and endless discussion!

Along with a stunning gown and gorgeous hair and makeup, the seemingly insignificant garter has become another “must-have” for the fully appointed prom goer and as with its bridal cousin, has become a keepsake as a reminder of happy memories and a magical night.  She may choose to give it to her date or, akin to the wedding reception tradition, participate in a “garter dance” as part of the prom festivities.

Whether she chooses a wild animal pattern, shimmering opulence or perhaps a silk garter in her school colors, gals heading to the prom these days are sure to wear a little something special accenting their perfect look!  Following this fabulous trend, our prom garter collection just gets more colorful and exciting with each season and we’d like to share a taste of some of our most popular looks! 


Sparkling Bling and Fun Tuxedo Style Bow

Shimmer and Sparkle 

Lovely Organza and Shimmering Sequins

Every Gorgeous Color In the Rainbow with a Rhinestone Center

A Little Dazzle and and Lot of Wild!

Satin, Organza and Rhinestones…Oh My! 

Camo in So Many Colors and Styles! 

So Many Dots!   So Many Colors!  

Take a Walk on the Wild Side! 

Why Embroidery is Such a Time-Honored Treasure

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Ornate and elaborately embroidered clothing and domestic accessories have been a signature of wealth and status over many centuries and across many more cultures.  Embroidery skill and technique, requiring great practice and patience to acquire, has been passed on from generation to generation allowing for both the proliferation and continuity of this craft. 

While the vision of Great-Great Grandma painstakingly hand-working a lovely garment monogram is part of our shared heritage, we have to say that as with most things, industrialization has changed so much of our world.

Interestingly, the fundamental embroidery stitches of  800 AD and even earlier have changed little and are still used today – more often though by embroidery machines! 

While nothing can replace the labor of love shown in hand-embroidery, contemporary embroidery can reflect even more intricate designs and precision craftsmanship and mechanized embroidery allows for unique dimensional textures and designs within finished works. 

The beauty and significance of embroidery is still appreciated as an opulent finish for a garment or accessory.  Monogrammed garments and domestic goods remain symbols of elegance and refinement in many cultures.  A new monogram or date to commemorate an occasion brings both recognition and appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the gift as well as the intrinsic value of a future heirloom or keepsake.  

No matter by hand or machine, it seems clear that embroidery will continue to endure as a timeless and tasteful finish for garments and accessories.  Take a few minutes to browse some of our finest embroidered items.  High-quality thread and a gorgeous array of colors combine to adorn best sellers like our silk robes, plush towels and over-size oxford shirts with monograms and personalization for an exceptional, luxurious look! 

Silk Kimono Robes - Truly Luxurious Quality


Oversize Oxford Shirts – Gorgeous Monogram Detail 

Monogrammed Velour Bath Robes  and matching slippers!   Gorgeous material and thread collection! 

Spa Wrap – Hers 

Spa Wrap – His

His and Hers Towels

Fabulous Gifts for All! 

Personalized Pool Side Opulence! 

Stunning Monogrammed Carryall Tote – Dozens of  Design Options! 

A Tote That Will Walk With You on the Wild Side! 

Come Visit our Fabulous Embroidered Collection where you find everything from shirts, to swimwear, plush towels and soft, billowy robes!

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Summer Beach and Destination Brides – The Final Countdown!

Friday, March 7th, 2014

For most of us enduring the slow start of spring after a long, cold winter, far from reality is the thought of a summer beach wedding celebration caressed by balmy trade winds and the ebb and flow of waves washing ashore.  

For the bride planning her summer wedding, however, this is really crunch time when all the little details are swirling endlessly amid her everyday thoughts!  Whether your dream beach or destination wedding has been in the works for months and months or,  you’ve just been surprised with a proposal for summer nuptials, the final details are sometimes the most trying!   Take a deep breath ladies…you are almost at that wonderful bridal finish line! 

We’ve put together a little taste  of our finest beach and destination wedding accessories to help you with
all those lovely finishing touches on your special day!   

Make sure your wardrobe includes a bit of bling to ramp up the excitement whether it’s last minute shopping, bridal gatherings or bachelorette parties!   Don’t forget to include your bridal entourage with our bridal party tops that makes for fabulous gifts and group photo ops!  

Completely Customized Bling with a Look Everyone Will Love! 

A Seashell Tiara for the Beach Princess Bride 

A Seaside Bouquet

Don’t Forget the Matching Boutonniere

Barefoot Jewelry for Her

And for Him…

Accessorize your Ceremony and Reception with Real Starfish!  

Wouldn’t Your Tabletops Look Enchanting with These Seahorse Glass Accents!

Lovely Silver Shell Card Holders Add the Perfect Touch to Your Places Settings!  

Fill This Unique Heart-Shaped Toasting Flute Holder with Your Favorite Color Sand! 

Imagine Your Venue Aglow with These Stunning Seashells Adorned with Sparkling Swarovksi Crystals!   Fabulous, Must-See Array of Real Shells!


Not Last and Certainly Not Least Either but Nonetheless A Keepsake You Will Always Treasure…Your Cake Topper!



 For our complete collection of summer, beach and destination wedding accessories, please visit us at

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Princess Bride Then and Now – The Royal Treatment!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

The ultimate romantic fantasy dreamt of by so many young ladies is that of being a “Princess Bride.”  While the history and influence of the “Princess Bride” can be traced back over centuries, we have only to look at the past two or three decades to see some of our more recent and utterly breathtaking princess bride style icons!  In 1991, a 25-foot train followed a beautiful bride to wed her prince in a lavish wedding ceremony that rekindled our love with princesses and their fairy tale nuptials.  Lady Diana Spencer truly won our hearts over on in just one special day and we will forever love her and her legacy!  

Two years later, singer/superstar Mariah Carey clearly influenced by a real-life princess wed just two years earlier, epitomized the look of a celebrity princess bride when she wed for the first time


and Mimi again chose an over-the-top princess look in 2008 when she renewed her vows to husband number two. 

Widely recognized as a truly epic style, today’s bride with an eye for the royal treatment will not be disappointed by her options ranging from invitations to reception favors, breathtaking ceremony venues, wedding destinations and honeymoons and of course, the all-important “Princess Gown” which will surely feature a stunning skirt flowing from an exquisite regal bodice! 

This is a time when every bride who chooses to do so, can live the life of a beautiful princess with all of the glitz and glamour, pageantry and ceremony due her as a royal!  However, there will be only a few fleeting hours spent in her opulent princess bridal gown so there is every reason for the princess bride to seek royal attire to compliment her look as she attends to her duties as a regal bride-to-be!

We’d like to share with you just a few of our princess bride’s favorite looks for keeping up that royal image wherever her day takes her!  

A soft, princess white, fairy tale “Enchanted Fairy Tale” hoodie!  

Our “Fairy Tale” font is an absolutely exquisite look fit for a princess on this custom Bride tank!  

Oh so pretty, hundreds of princess pink rhinestones fill this sparkling heart crowned with a gorgeous tiara!

Cinderella,  a beloved Fairy Tale Princess, would just love this Happily Ever After  sparkling design and so will you!

Share your message of an elegant, regal demeanor whenever things start to become just a bit hectic! 

 The perfect princess bling always starts with a crown or tiara here and there.  

This shimmering design includes a stunning removable crown brooch!  



Every princess knows the ultimate place to find her most favorite treasures!    This Tiffany-inspired design is great for her entire entourage!  

Of course, the princess will need the matching hoodie and pant set to keep her warm and cozy on those blustery days!


No princess nuptials would be complete without a bit of bling to commemorate her royal union!  

A grand personalized crown or elegant understated tiara would be fitting attire! 

Be sure to share your royal legacy for those little ladies who will someday walk in your steps!  

Don’t forget to visit us here at Advantage Bridal for all of your Princess Bride needs to make sure that your Fairy Tale Dreams

truly do become  your Happily Ever After!