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Prom Garters! The Must-Have Accessory!

Friday, April 4th, 2014

The history of the wedding garter which dates back for centuries is fairly common knowledge for most brides these days and having endured the test of time, remains a very popular bridal accessory and focus for a familiar reception ritual.  Even if a bride chooses not to have a garter removed in front of an audience of enthusiastic well-wishers, most love this alluring piece of antiquity worn discretely under a gown for their groom to discover after the festivities have died down.

In as much the pomp and circumstance of weddings, the spectacle of a gorgeous gown and sparkling jewelry are the fairy tale dreams of so many young gals, it is no surprise to see that some bridal traditions have found their way to other special occasions that are very much romanticized as rites-of-passage by young women today.    

That is why we continue to see the trend of prom grandeur simply exploding!  This time of year, even before a gal knows who will escort her to this fabulous affair, the venue, gown and accessories are very much a focus of relentless searching and endless discussion!

Along with a stunning gown and gorgeous hair and makeup, the seemingly insignificant garter has become another “must-have” for the fully appointed prom goer and as with its bridal cousin, has become a keepsake as a reminder of happy memories and a magical night.  She may choose to give it to her date or, akin to the wedding reception tradition, participate in a “garter dance” as part of the prom festivities.

Whether she chooses a wild animal pattern, shimmering opulence or perhaps a silk garter in her school colors, gals heading to the prom these days are sure to wear a little something special accenting their perfect look!  Following this fabulous trend, our prom garter collection just gets more colorful and exciting with each season and we’d like to share a taste of some of our most popular looks! 


Sparkling Bling and Fun Tuxedo Style Bow

Shimmer and Sparkle 

Lovely Organza and Shimmering Sequins

Every Gorgeous Color In the Rainbow with a Rhinestone Center

A Little Dazzle and and Lot of Wild!

Satin, Organza and Rhinestones…Oh My! 

Camo in So Many Colors and Styles! 

So Many Dots!   So Many Colors!  

Take a Walk on the Wild Side! 

Why Embroidery is Such a Time-Honored Treasure

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Ornate and elaborately embroidered clothing and domestic accessories have been a signature of wealth and status over many centuries and across many more cultures.  Embroidery skill and technique, requiring great practice and patience to acquire, has been passed on from generation to generation allowing for both the proliferation and continuity of this craft. 

While the vision of Great-Great Grandma painstakingly hand-working a lovely garment monogram is part of our shared heritage, we have to say that as with most things, industrialization has changed so much of our world.

Interestingly, the fundamental embroidery stitches of  800 AD and even earlier have changed little and are still used today – more often though by embroidery machines! 

While nothing can replace the labor of love shown in hand-embroidery, contemporary embroidery can reflect even more intricate designs and precision craftsmanship and mechanized embroidery allows for unique dimensional textures and designs within finished works. 

The beauty and significance of embroidery is still appreciated as an opulent finish for a garment or accessory.  Monogrammed garments and domestic goods remain symbols of elegance and refinement in many cultures.  A new monogram or date to commemorate an occasion brings both recognition and appreciation for the thoughtfulness of the gift as well as the intrinsic value of a future heirloom or keepsake.  

No matter by hand or machine, it seems clear that embroidery will continue to endure as a timeless and tasteful finish for garments and accessories.  Take a few minutes to browse some of our finest embroidered items.  High-quality thread and a gorgeous array of colors combine to adorn best sellers like our silk robes, plush towels and over-size oxford shirts with monograms and personalization for an exceptional, luxurious look! 

Silk Kimono Robes - Truly Luxurious Quality


Oversize Oxford Shirts – Gorgeous Monogram Detail 

Monogrammed Velour Bath Robes  and matching slippers!   Gorgeous material and thread collection! 

Spa Wrap – Hers 

Spa Wrap – His

His and Hers Towels

Fabulous Gifts for All! 

Personalized Pool Side Opulence! 

Stunning Monogrammed Carryall Tote – Dozens of  Design Options! 

A Tote That Will Walk With You on the Wild Side! 

Come Visit our Fabulous Embroidered Collection where you find everything from shirts, to swimwear, plush towels and soft, billowy robes!

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Summer Beach and Destination Brides – The Final Countdown!

Friday, March 7th, 2014

For most of us enduring the slow start of spring after a long, cold winter, far from reality is the thought of a summer beach wedding celebration caressed by balmy trade winds and the ebb and flow of waves washing ashore.  

For the bride planning her summer wedding, however, this is really crunch time when all the little details are swirling endlessly amid her everyday thoughts!  Whether your dream beach or destination wedding has been in the works for months and months or,  you’ve just been surprised with a proposal for summer nuptials, the final details are sometimes the most trying!   Take a deep breath ladies…you are almost at that wonderful bridal finish line! 

We’ve put together a little taste  of our finest beach and destination wedding accessories to help you with
all those lovely finishing touches on your special day!   

Make sure your wardrobe includes a bit of bling to ramp up the excitement whether it’s last minute shopping, bridal gatherings or bachelorette parties!   Don’t forget to include your bridal entourage with our bridal party tops that makes for fabulous gifts and group photo ops!  

Completely Customized Bling with a Look Everyone Will Love! 

A Seashell Tiara for the Beach Princess Bride 

A Seaside Bouquet

Don’t Forget the Matching Boutonniere

Barefoot Jewelry for Her

And for Him…

Accessorize your Ceremony and Reception with Real Starfish!  

Wouldn’t Your Tabletops Look Enchanting with These Seahorse Glass Accents!

Lovely Silver Shell Card Holders Add the Perfect Touch to Your Places Settings!  

Fill This Unique Heart-Shaped Toasting Flute Holder with Your Favorite Color Sand! 

Imagine Your Venue Aglow with These Stunning Seashells Adorned with Sparkling Swarovksi Crystals!   Fabulous, Must-See Array of Real Shells!


Not Last and Certainly Not Least Either but Nonetheless A Keepsake You Will Always Treasure…Your Cake Topper!



 For our complete collection of summer, beach and destination wedding accessories, please visit us at

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Princess Bride Then and Now – The Royal Treatment!

Friday, February 28th, 2014

The ultimate romantic fantasy dreamt of by so many young ladies is that of being a “Princess Bride.”  While the history and influence of the “Princess Bride” can be traced back over centuries, we have only to look at the past two or three decades to see some of our more recent and utterly breathtaking princess bride style icons!  In 1991, a 25-foot train followed a beautiful bride to wed her prince in a lavish wedding ceremony that rekindled our love with princesses and their fairy tale nuptials.  Lady Diana Spencer truly won our hearts over on in just one special day and we will forever love her and her legacy!  

Two years later, singer/superstar Mariah Carey clearly influenced by a real-life princess wed just two years earlier, epitomized the look of a celebrity princess bride when she wed for the first time


and Mimi again chose an over-the-top princess look in 2008 when she renewed her vows to husband number two. 

Widely recognized as a truly epic style, today’s bride with an eye for the royal treatment will not be disappointed by her options ranging from invitations to reception favors, breathtaking ceremony venues, wedding destinations and honeymoons and of course, the all-important “Princess Gown” which will surely feature a stunning skirt flowing from an exquisite regal bodice! 

This is a time when every bride who chooses to do so, can live the life of a beautiful princess with all of the glitz and glamour, pageantry and ceremony due her as a royal!  However, there will be only a few fleeting hours spent in her opulent princess bridal gown so there is every reason for the princess bride to seek royal attire to compliment her look as she attends to her duties as a regal bride-to-be!

We’d like to share with you just a few of our princess bride’s favorite looks for keeping up that royal image wherever her day takes her!  

A soft, princess white, fairy tale “Enchanted Fairy Tale” hoodie!  

Our “Fairy Tale” font is an absolutely exquisite look fit for a princess on this custom Bride tank!  

Oh so pretty, hundreds of princess pink rhinestones fill this sparkling heart crowned with a gorgeous tiara!

Cinderella,  a beloved Fairy Tale Princess, would just love this Happily Ever After  sparkling design and so will you!

Share your message of an elegant, regal demeanor whenever things start to become just a bit hectic! 

 The perfect princess bling always starts with a crown or tiara here and there.  

This shimmering design includes a stunning removable crown brooch!  



Every princess knows the ultimate place to find her most favorite treasures!    This Tiffany-inspired design is great for her entire entourage!  

Of course, the princess will need the matching hoodie and pant set to keep her warm and cozy on those blustery days!


No princess nuptials would be complete without a bit of bling to commemorate her royal union!  

A grand personalized crown or elegant understated tiara would be fitting attire! 

Be sure to share your royal legacy for those little ladies who will someday walk in your steps!  

Don’t forget to visit us here at Advantage Bridal for all of your Princess Bride needs to make sure that your Fairy Tale Dreams

truly do become  your Happily Ever After! 

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Why 2014 Vintage Themed Weddings are More Gorgeous than Ever!

Friday, February 7th, 2014

While some in the bridal world have mused that the vintage wedding trend is fading, we are seeing all evidence to the contrary!   As with any fashion trend, vintage style is constantly evolving with influences coming from many different directions and sources.  Continuing with what was hugely popular in 2013, 2014 is ushering in vintage weddings with refined style with distinctive elegance defined by design elements that establish a clear vision of the Roaring Twenties and Great Gatsby Eras.

The key to planning a vintage wedding is honoring what is meaningful about the past. Guests from every generation will love when your details remind them of something, or someone, they once knew and loved.  Brides are taking great care in choosing venue décor that is rich with substance and style.

Mints and grays, pinks and peaches are popping up everywhere!  Silk white and ivory neutrals are an elegant backdrop for cut glass vases, chandeliers and candelabras, gold leaf, china and crystal are surrounded by lush roses, billowy hydrangeas and lilac along with colorful peonies just like your great, great grandmother would have had in her garden.

Keyholder escort cards are a fabulous vintage touch to help your guests find their table in your reception venue. Top your cake with a vintage monogram, or, serve cupcakes nestled in delicate laser cut holders for a lacy touch. Mix and match antique patterned china and glassware for lovely serving pieces for classic cocktails and tempting treats.

Creating Gatsby opulence and lavish touches for you and your entourage is truly the fun part!  You don’t have to haunt antique shops to put together glamorous vintage fashion.  From shruglettes to pearls, tiaras and headpieces to lace shoes or even sexy vintage boots, now more than ever, you have unending options at your disposal.

Advantage Bridal is your one-stop vintage wedding theme shop for all of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception needs. Allow us to share few of our very favorites we know you will love!

A Lovely Vintage Bridal and Wedding Collection

Stunning Marabou Ring  Pillow

Inviting your guests to be seated with  vintage style.  

Keyholder Escort Cards


An elegant birdcage veil and hat look


This  Marabou shruglette is so vinage opulent! 



 Stacked Pearl Strand Bracelet with Crystal Brooch Closure


House of Elliot Hand Made Lace Shoes

Stunning Hand Made Lace Boots by House of Elliot

Black is the New Bridal White

Gloves too! 

Silk Covered Ball Purses are Exquisite Vintage Accessory for you and your ladies!

A Bit of Whimsy for the Gentlemen in  your Party…

We hope you have enjoyed a peek of just a few of our  vintage- themed wedding items!   Please visit our store  for hundreds of lovely options

that will help you to create the vintage-themed wedding of your dreams! 

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The Wedding Capital of the World – An Amazing Wedding Venue

Friday, January 31st, 2014

The most recent report from the Las Vegas Visitor Authority reflects that nearly 81,000 lovebirds exchanged Las Vegas “I Do’s” in 2012 and another 1.5 million folks joined in on the wedding festivities! Vegas weddings continue to build in popularity year after year and for those seeking an exhilarating array of over-the-top wedding options, it’s easy to see why brides and grooms are flocking to Sin City in record numbers.

A bride and groom can be certain that the “Wedding Capital of the World,” as it is known, spares no expense to ensure that they and their guests will have every opulent option at their disposal to luxuriate in the ultimate Las Vegas experience.  

Gorgeous parks and amphitheaters to decadent casino penthouse and rooftop venues provide stunning settings, and while there are still plenty of drive-through chapels and Elvis officiants from which to choose, the list of more exotic options continues to grow!  The couple seeking a more edgy or wilder side wedding will have no trouble finding venues and accouterments to exceed their expectations.  Bus and limousine party venues will have your whole entourage partying in high style while helicopter and thrill ride nuptials, underwater and shark tank venues will leave adrenaline with a once-in-a-lifetime memory! 

Even though a Vegas wedding can be expression of personal style and an intentional departure from a big hometown church and reception, there is still every reason to include time-honored and sentimental traditions a bride and groom will cherish.  So, don’t forgo the guestbook, unity candle, toasting glasses, gifts and other accessories!  In fact, let us help you fulfill your Las Vegas dreams right down to the last detail!  


A garter must-have


Don’t forget the undergarments!  Great for the gals in your entourage!

Rear View - rhinestone boyshorts


A Vegas pillow for your ring bearer!

Ring Bearer Pillow


                                                                                                    The Vegas Unity Candle

Unity Candle

Fabulous Toasting Flutes


Don’t forget your guestbook!


Cake toppers from festive…

Festive Cake Topper

To flirty

Flirty Vegas Cake Topper

Fun Vegas Garments Terrific Gifts and Treasured Mementos!  



Rhinestone Tank


Embroidered Baseball Caps are Great Fun for Everyone! 

Vegas Caps


Fun Casino Favors!

Slot Machine Gumball Favors


Fabulous Retro Vegas Cufflinks for Groom and Your Guys! 

Vegas Cuff Links


Last but not least, gifts for all those folks who helped make your dream day come true!  

Not everything has  to stay in Vegas!  

Vegas Photo Frame



Bonding and Blending: The Latest Trends in a Wedding Ritual

Friday, January 24th, 2014

The Sand Ceremony remains an extremely popular wedding ritual!  The creation of a touching memento and the safety of sand versus flame have been the prevailing reasons this ceremony has been a trendy way for the couple to share and show their love.

However, today’s wedding ceremony has become much more of a “family affair.”  Going beyond the traditional giving of roses or flowers to bridal party mothers, and even the solemn and sweet lighting of the unity candle, we are seeing a wonderful increase in extended family and friend involvement! 

Perhaps significant, and frankly touching, is the notion that a couple that has come together and chosen to marry, has experienced a circle of love and caring that extends beyond parents, or one or two special individuals.  

It is in this spirit, that the Sand Ceremony has taken on much more significance as a wedding ritual.  We are happy to see that brides and grooms are choosing multiple sand colors and vessels for this lovely blending and bonding commemoration, representing the joyous inclusion of a wider circle of cherished family and friends.  

We offer so many vessel styles and clever and creative ceremony variations that we couldn’t possibly capture them all here but we’ve selected a few that are just stunning and elegant!  

Blown Glass Heart and Stand

This blown glass heart  is incredibly beautiful and timeless! 



Ebony Shadow Box

A lovely ebony shadow box that will be a gorgeous addition to your decor after the big day!


 Slender Engraved Glass Vase and Pouring Vessels 

Slender, glass- blown elegance! 

Vintage Bottle Set

Beautiful hues of blue!


Heart Vessels

Hearts are always enchanting in a wedding ceremony!


Blown Glass Heart with Beach or Tropical Color Scheme

 Gorgeous stacked sand color in this heart-shaped blown glass vessel! 


White Shadow Box

A lovely shadow box to grace a shelf or table in your new home!



Elegant Purple and Lavender Motif in Pillar-Shaped Vase and Pouring Vessels

A stunning display of purple and lavender!  



However you choose to show that your family and friends have become one, we offer a lovely variety of options

to make your special day a unique reflection of your love and commitment and your personal style!  

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Newly engaged? How to Have The Most Fun While Planning Your Wedding!

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Going from “Jingle Bells”  to “Wedding Bells”  is a holiday dream come true!  Now, you are no doubt in wedding planning mode with a mile-long “to-do” list and never-ending errands.   Phew…we know it can be exhausting!   Be sure to take time to have a bit of fun with your new “Bride to Be” status.

One of the best ways we know of to make this exciting time even more fun is to share your good news wherever your day takes you!   Everyone loves romance and is always thrilled to gush over a bride in their midst.    Be sure to get  ”Bride-To-Be” star treatment with Advantage Bridal’s  engagement must-haves!

"He put a ring on it!" Rhinestones with Solitaire Ring Brooch Accent


Let everyone know that you think the world of your awesome guy this this custom design!


"This Gal Loves Her Fiance" T-Shirt


 Advantage Bridal has so many custom wedding t-shirt designs to choose from, we just can’t pick a favorite but this is one for anyone who appreciates Facebook!

Engaged! with Likes

This cute Just Engaged tank top features a bling diamond ring brooch that you can remove and wear on other items, pin to a bridal tote bag, or use it to pin a pretty sash.

Just Engaged! Bling Brooch Included

Just Engaged - Choice of Rhinestones Always Included!

A gorgeous lace racerback tank  from our fabulous “Keep Calm and Marry On”  collection…

Keep Calm and Marry On

Don’t forget a gorgeous custom wedding tote bag that will carry all your planning essentials in style!   Hundreds of designs and fabulous tote colors for a look that is all yours!

Here Comes the Bride


There will be many days when there’s only time for a brush and a ponytail, so consider a fun Bride cap in traditional baseball cap style, or our fabulous military Fidel caps.

Bride Military Style Cap

 Last but never least, don’t forget to keep the groom in the loop with some fun bride boyshorts that show him how much you love him!

I Do Bridal Boyshorts


I Love ...Boyshorts


And of course, a little humor always goes a long way and this fun wedding t-shirt is a great way to express it!

Walking the Plank Groom-to-Be T-Shirt

Whatever your wedding style, Advantage Bridal has everything you need, and our staff is always happy to accommodate your personalization requests so you can have custom wedding apparel like none other!

See the TOP 10 Faves from!

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Rhinestone I Do Wedding Shoe Stickers

1. Brides love them and grooms, too! Our wedding shoe stickers, wedding shoe decals and wedding shoe appliques are available in many colors, designs and fun sayings!

Personalized Bride Bikini, Custom Honeymoon Bikini

2.  Our custom rhinestone bikinis, personalized wedding bikinis and honeymoon bikinis are perfect for after the “I Dos.” Dazzle in a sparkly swimsuit with your man in mind! We offer many styles, colors and designs!

Personalized Beach Towels, Embroidered Bath Towels

 3.  Personalized towels are the perfect gift for anyone, any time of the year because they’re practical and cute! Shop Advantage Bridal’s inventory of embroidered bath towels, initial beach towels, personalized wedding towels, animal print towels, polka dot towels and spa gifts for your bridesmaids!

Custom Bridal Party Shirts & Tank Tops

4.  We’re always showcasing new designs and fun sayings for our personalized wedding shirts, bride tank tops, bridesmaid tanks and bridal party t-shirts for everyone on your list! Our styles, rhinestone designs and shirt colors are endless and allow you to create the perfect gift!

Kristie Ann Couture Wedding Shoes & Lace Bridal Garters

5.  An Advantage Bridal exclusive, our collection of Kristie Ann Couture wedding shoes and beautiful lace bridal garters will distinguish your style as a bride, because it’s all about the finishing touches!

Personalized Bridal Party Sashes

6.  We have it all: Our custom bachelorette party sashes and personalized wedding sashes add some flair to girl’s night out!

Personalized Tote Bags for Her

7.  We specialize in unique personalized gifts for her, custom engraved gifts for him, embroidered wedding gifts, bridesmaids gift ideas and more! Our personalized tote bags top our list for their price, style and practicality! We have many to choose from!

Personalized Win Glasses, Initial Bridesmaid Wine Glass

8.  Our personalized barware options include customer favorite: Personalized wine glasses!

Custom Wedding Hoodies & Sweats

9.  Check out our custom wedding hoodies and personalized bride hoodies!  They make the perfect bridal shower gift or bride gift!  We also carry yoga pants, and the personalization can be done in embroidery or rhinestones.

Custom Wedding Shirts, Bride Getting Ready Shirt

10. Fan favorites: Custom shirts, wedding t-shirts, bridesmaids tank tops, bride getting ready shirts, flower girl shirts, funny groom shirts, groomsmen shirt, bridal party shirts, ring bearer shirts and custom shirts for any special occasion! Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can help make it just for you!

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Monogram Satin Bridesmaids Robes & Personalized Satin Bride Robes

Monday, September 30th, 2013

Monogram Satin Bridesmaids Robes

Brides just l.o.v.e. our gorgeous personalized satin robes! They are gorgeous!! Seriously. These monogram robes are the perfect gift for her, for any special occasion! Weddings, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, Christmas, and more . . . Guys, does the thought of shopping for your girlfriend or wife make you panic? She’ll appreciate this thoughtful (and sexy) and personal gift just for her! Order with a single initial or 3 monogram initials in your choice of thread color.

The short satin bridesmaids robes are available in vanilla ivory, pink, fuschia, lavender, orchid purple, turquoise, red and black. What’s your favorite color? Want a little bridal bling, the robes can also be embellished with rhinestones!

Personalized Satin Robes for Brides & Bridesmaids

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