Turn Heads with Sizzling Hot Bikini and Bling Tank Looks!

August 22nd, 2014

Our custom lace and rhinestone bikinis and tees are a sizzling hot look for any beach or pool deck.   Create your own one-of-a-kind honeymoon or vacation design that will have all heads turning in your direction!  

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Track Suits are Still in Fashion and They’ve Gotten Even Better!

August 15th, 2014

From Bethenny to Brittany, Jessica to Jennifer and even Jay Z and P Diddy, the tracksuit remains a comfy,  fashion go-to look for tooling around town or even jet-setting across the globe.

Velour sweats, known for their soft, supple, figure-hugging look, have long been a must-have  favorite adored by both celebrities and fashionistas alike!  Add sparkling rhinestone wording or custom embroidery to the jacket or across the derrière and heads are bound to turn no matter where your travels take you!

Even though that iconic velour tracksuit designer closed its U.S. doors in June, never fear, a fabulous selection of velour sweat suit bling is right here!”   We have long been thrilled to offer classy yet casual velour looks for our brides and their teams and other discriminating guys and gals who desire a high-quality product!   


advantagebridal_2322_760115867 advantagebridal_2322_971418877



















Great solo or as awesome his and hers outfits, have fun with our gorgeous array of rhinestone colors, embroidery thread and fonts and create a one-of-a-kind, exquisite look to call your own right here!

Why Choose a Special “Getting Ready” Look?

July 25th, 2014

Amid all of  the frenzy of wedding planning,  the difficult choices and challenging concerns, what gals will wear as their “getting ready” ensemble is one of the more fun decisions to make!    

Whatever you choose,  slipping into this garment will cause your heart to beat a little more quickly reflecting that it is the last thing you will wear before stepping into your dream gown to walk down the aisle!

Although treasured, most bridal gowns are relegated to a closet or given to charity, so selecting a look that you can keep in service after the big day is not only practical, but will bring a knowing smile of magical memories each time it is worn.   You will always recall where you were and how excited and happy you were feeling!

Oversize shirts have been hugely popular because, for starters,  they look casual and classy at the same time!   In addition to avoiding hair and make-up mishaps while getting dressed, they are fabulous for group photos and with skinny jeans and leggings back on the fashion radar, they are the perfect way to top off those bottoms!   Many of our gals have also found them fun to wear as a beach cover-up and even a comfy nightshirt.  

Last but not least, your team will love your thoughtfulness  in selecting something that  they, too, can wear again and again revisiting the cherished memories all of you share!    oxford getting ready shirtp oxford getting ready shirtj oxford getting ready shirte oxford getting ready shirt6 oxford getting ready shirt5 il_570xN.629015164_jagd   advantagebridal_2326_671834222 advantagebridal_2321_208693519 advantagebridal_2320_391884262

There are no limits to the fabulous looks you can create

with an array of fabrics, embroidery

and rhinestone options!  See them all here!



Gold – Making a Champagne Comeback?

July 11th, 2014

We all know style trends are cyclical and while silver, platinum and white gold have been the front-runners for so many years, traditional gold is making a comeback with a contemporary twist!  

Still considered an elegant classic, symbolizing both romance and antiquity, designers are pairing gold with other metallics for some exquisite looks!   We’re also seeing champagne hues of gold gracing everything from clothing, jewelry and accessories to venues and tablescapes!   From soft champagne to  deep, rich amber, here are just a few beauties from our treasure chest for inspiration!    10424365_798085793559541_7062003633214063062_n
















How to Select Fabulous Bridesmaid Gifts They’ll Love! and Your Holiday Gift!

July 3rd, 2014

Choosing a great bridesmaid gift is one of the most important things you can do to show your team that they mean the world to you!  When cost isn’t an issue, it’s easy to throw caution to the wind and shower your gals with a bountiful bundle of goodies! More often though, budget is a big factor in the final decision, which  requires weighing certain pros and cons,  and selecting a fabulous gift  that doesn’t drain your bank account but will really show your gals you’ve thought carefully of them!

Brides love giving pampering feminine items such as matching robes and “getting-ready” attire, spa wear and other personalized accessories!  Generally, these gifts are met with Ooooos and Ahhhhs!   After all, what gal doesn’t love silky satin and rhinestones or an embroidered shirt?

Beware!  This isn’t always a safe assumption!  Continue reading to find out why…

It’s All About Them!  Yes, it is “your wedding” but in this case, take your own desires out of the picture!  What you might want to buy for yourself is not necessarily what each of your gals would want to have.  Hopefully, you know them well enough to make this determination.

Sometimes, however, you will have a bridesmaid added to your entourage by way of a future in-law or well-meaning relative.  Get to know this bridesmaid or do a little homework by asking their relatives or friends to tell you a bit more about her.  Added bonus…Do a little of both and you might have found a great new friend!

Consider the Individual!  However popular, there is no rule that says you have to purchase the same item for everyone!  While this is a sure way to avoid gift envy and if clothing, is great for group photo ops and outings, there is something else to consider.  If Sally is not fond of preppy looks then a classic, monogrammed oxford shirt will likely be worn once and end up forever tucked away in a drawer. Preppy Jane, of course, will get a lot of use from hers!   Mixing it up can be just as fun!

Personalization!  Adding custom wording to any garment or accessory is a fabulous finishing touch!  But while sparkling rhinestones spelling out “Bridesmaid” or “Maid-of-Honor” are great for those big-day events, would it be better to have items personalized with a gal’s name?  A fabulous tote might be a much-appreciated gift, but will she carry it to the office a year from now with the words “Jen’s Bridal Entourage” embroidered on the side?

On the other hand, if you know your gals are highly sentimental and they’ll be your besties forever, they might appreciate a wedding keepsake!

How Much to Spend?  Yes, you do want to spend fairly equally for each gal, but even when buying the same or similar items, look for ways to show you thought of them.   Personalize with color or style!

Be Realistic!  Do look for ways to give gifts that will keep on giving!  On the flip side, don’t drive yourself nuts because by now, the wedding planning process has likely taught you that there will be times when you can’t please everyone!

The Best Choice!   Weigh the benefits of giving everyone some version of the same thing  against recognizing the unique tastes and personal style that each of your gals is likely to have and you’ll be sure to strike a wise balance between the two!

Here are just a few of some of our most popular bridesmaid gift items!  There are, quite literally, so many color and style options for endless one-of-a-kind looks!   Shop our entire bridesmaid gift collection here at Advantage Bridal.

Happy Fourth of July!   Here’s Our Holiday Gift to You!  

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10miad of honor 9tote 8bridal party shirt 7monogrammed shirts 6cosmetic tote 5wraps 4circle monogram robe 3advantagebridal_2320_587775538 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1Embroidered Towels



Choose Wedding Colors Like a Designer Pro!

June 20th, 2014

If you want to stay on top of what is and will be the hottest, trending fashion colors then, like the pros, you need look no further than Pantone.

For over two decades, as the international authority on color, Pantone has driven everything color in the fashion industry from home interiors and commercial design to make-up, clothing and accessories!

Discover what is happening here with Pantone’s spring color line at events like New York Fashion Week and from most every industry’s top design experts.   Contemporary flair with traditionally-inspired hues! 


Since announcing that Radiant Orchid is
“Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year”
we’ve had an overwhelming interest
from our brides to see this gorgeous color
in one of our collections!  

radiant orchid


Advantage Bridal was pleased to work with our
fabric designers to add to our line
gorgeous satin robe in this enchanting purple shade! 


Placid Blue Coming Soon to Advantage Bridal!

The trends continue and Pantone’s 2014 February color,
Placid Blue,  is also in high demand.   It’s easy to see why…

pantone-placid-blue-mdnThis is a soft, silky color that invokes peaceful serenity
and is by itself an inspiration!

It will look absolutely stunning on every skin tone
and we are excited to soon be adding this color
to our custom satin robe collection! 


Planning a fall or winter wedding?
Looking for venue and decorating ideas?  

 Here is a “Sneak Peek” at what is on Pantone’s
fall and winter horizon!  

Keep an eye on our custom satin robe collection here
for the latest apparel and color arrivals! 

Why Ballet Flats are the Best of Both Worlds!

June 13th, 2014

Ballet flats are becoming an overwhelmingly popular and practical option for wedding footwear.   Brides and their entourage gals want to look beautiful from head to toe but they also want to be comfortable! 

Not just for your flower girl! Ballet slippers are a gorgeous option as your go-to shoe to wear for the entire day! Alternatively, they are a fabulous second pair to slip into while you are “getting-ready” and later on the dance floor at your reception or when things wind down a bit.   Here are a few important tips to consider when choosing ballet flats! 

Safety first!   Many ballet flats have soft, suede bottoms but for those with other types of soles, once you are sure you won’t be returning them (many stores don’t accept bridal returns, especially if the bottoms are marred) scuff slippery bottoms by running them over a concrete step or rub with sandpaper. 

Think Comfort!  While ballet flats are known to be kind to your feet and most have some sort of padding, consider wearing a comfort insole for added cushioning or a support insert for those with high arches. 

Test Drive!   Break them in well before your wedding day!  Wear them around the house where they won’t get dirty and make sure they feel good on your feet!

Don’t Come Up Short!   …or long.  Remember your hemline!  If you choose shoes with different heights for your big day, be sure to give your seamstress a heads-up! 

Lastly, don’t feel that just because you choose to wear flats, your shoes will be anything less than gorgeous!   Fabulous designer options offer everything from understated to over-the-top looks in a shoe style that ensures your comfort.  Truly the best of both worlds!

Here are a few looks for inspiration for you and your entire team!  



feather brooch adult

FG Clear crystal

FG Green


FG Pink background, flower applique


FG pink flowers around


Flat with black rose


Flat with Pearl and Rhinestone Brooch


Pink with Fuchsia flower


                                                                                          For more bridal flat looks, shop our collections here at Advantage Bridal! 



Why “Bling” Might Just Be A Natural Thing!

June 6th, 2014

Do you find yourself gazing at brilliant stars in the night sky, shimmering holiday twinkle lights or glistening silver and gold ornaments on a tree?  Is your eye drawn to dazzling diamond rings and stunning cut glass chandeliers?     Does your guy love spending an afternoon washing his vintage car or motorcycle and checking his reflection in the newly polished chrome?  Why do sparkling things give us such pleasure?  

It seems scientists have shared research which proposes that sparkle itself has long been the object of human desire for its potential to represent something of need, like a running stream with water that is safe to drink.  

Whether or not we believe that our love of bling is wired in our DNA, it’s hard to deny the attraction!   A bit of sparkle always seems to bring a bright spot to our day!  Here are a few of our latest designs that we hope will brighten yours! 

Satin Robe Satin Bride Robe
Satin Bridal Robe Satin and Rhinestone Robe Mrs Satin Robe (2) jumbo monogrammed robe - Copy Soon to Be Satin Robe



See all of our spectacular sparklers here at Advantage Bridal! 

His and Hers Newlywed Looks

May 30th, 2014

Folks love newlyweds!  Whether you find yourselves at an exotic honeymoon destination or around the corner at a hometown grocery store, there are bound to be people who will joyously beam at and often celebrate a new bride and groom in their midst!

Your new status as husband and wife will not only bring congratulations but inspire others to perhaps reminisce about their own happy wedding memories or even rekindle an old love!    So share your newlywed bliss wherever your travels take you and don’t be surprised at how much joy you both bring to others simply because they know you said “I Do.”   

Here are a few popular ways our brides and grooms are getting the word out!   See them all here at Advantage Bridal!  


Mr and Mrs Shirt 1

Mr and Mrs Shirt 2



Mr and Mrs Shirt 3


mr and mrs shirt 4



mrs shirt



mr shirt


Mr and Mrs Shirt




The Hottest Color Trend in 2014 is…

May 21st, 2014

Virtually every fashion house and trend expert is reporting on pink in 2014 as the must-have, seen everywhere color!   From Vogue to New York Fashion Week, clothing and accessories to interior design, event themes and even architecture, no matter whether it’s soft or rose, fuchsia or hot, anything pink is definitely taking the lead in 2014!   

Pink is a fabulous chameleon color!  As a design element, there is a shade that will flatter every skin tone and a gorgeous palette of  hues that will express a wide range of moods and emotions! 

Always easy on the eyes, pink is guaranteed to transform whatever it touches and looks simply chic with so many other colors!  For brides, that means endless possibilities for pink dresses, flowers, shoes, trousseau items, venue colors and themes!  We’ll share just a few of our favorite looks that might help you to start to “Think Pink!” 


 Kristie Ann Couture Custom Designer Pumps


Kristie Ann Couture Flower Girl Ballet Flats

One of Our Many Gorgeous Pink Lace and Shabby Chic Garters!


The Ultimate “Getting Ready” Shirt 


Custom Rhinestone Designer Bikini


Soft Pink Designer Satin – Oh So Pretty and Heavenly to Wear! 

5pink satin robe

A Bolder Fuchsia – So Vibrant next to Bridal White!  




A Bit of Pink Sparkle to Bling Up Your Bridal Look!  



A Look for You Both to Love!   



A Great Pink Look to Share with Your Team!  



What Little Princess Doesn’t Love Pink?   


Last but Never Least, a Pink Near and Dear to Our Hearts!    




Come and shop our entire collection of fabulous apparel and accessories at Advantage Bridal!